Kraft Paper-faced Corner Beads for Wall Building

  • Min.Order数量:2000平方米
  • 港口:青岛,上海
  • 付款方式:L / C,d / A,d / P,T / T
  • 产品明细


    Paper-faced Corner Beads combine galvanized metal corner and edge protection with high-grade paper to provide cost-effective, problem-free outside drywall corner finishing. Paper-faced beads are available in a number of different widths to suit most wallboard applications. It virtually eliminates corner cracks, edge chips and nail pops. No mechanical fasteners like nails, screws, staples or crimps are used. It can also provides reduced labor and materials by reducing the amount of joint compound needed and also eliminate one pass of finishing.


    • 减少关节化合物消费
    • 不需要机械紧固(无钉,钉书钉或螺钉)。
    • 不会被打磨损坏。
    • 优异的粘附,粘合及油漆能力


    • 没有机械紧固件像钉子,螺钉,U形钉或卷曲被使用。
    • 它也可以通过减少所需的,并且还消除精加工的一个通接头化合物的量提供了减少的劳动和材料。 


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