Easy Application PVC Corner Beads for Building Construction

  • Min.Order数量:2000平方米
  • 港口:青岛,上海
  • 付款方式:L / C,d / A,d / P,T / T
  • 产品明细


    PVC corner strip is a new type of building material specially designed for corners, door edges and corners. With its unique environmental protection, weather resistance and anti-aging characteristics, its strength and toughness have made people feel comfortable replacing traditional steel materials such as steel, wood and aluminum. Its use can effectively solve the long-term existence of quality problems such as yin and yang angles, unsightly, easy corners and other quality problems in construction.


    • 简单应用
    • 它具有强度高,可以用腻子和粉刷结合得非常好


    • 广泛用于阳台,楼梯,内部和外部的角落,石膏板等关节的装饰 



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