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Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is a random fiber mat that provides equal strength in all directions and is used in a variety of hand lay-up and open-mold applications. Chopped strand mat is produced by chopping continuous strand roving into short 1.5 to 3 inch lengths and dispersing the cut fibers randomly over a moving belt to from a “sheet” of random fiber mat. A binder is applied to hold the fibers together and the mat is trimmed and rolled. Because of is random fiber orientation, chopped strand mat conforms easily to complex shapes when wet-out with polyester or vinyl ester resins. Chopped strand mats are available as a roll stock product produced in a variety of weights and widths to suite specific applications.


♦ Good combination of resin

♦ Easy air release, Resin consumption

♦ Excellent weight uniformity

♦ Easy operation

♦ Good wet strength retention

♦ Excellent transparency of finished products

♦ Low cost



Data Sheet:


Item No. Finished Weight(g/m2) Breaking Strength(≥N/25mm) Package Weight(kg) Combustible Matter Content %)
E MC250 1040 250 30 30 2-6
C 3200 60
E MC300 1040 300 40 30 2-6
C 3200 60
E MC450 1040 450 60 30 2-6
C 3200 60
E MC600 1040 600 80 30 2-6
C 3200 60



Chopped Strand Mat is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyi ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. The products are most widely used in hand lay-up process and also be used in filament winding, compression molding and continuous laminating processes. The typical end-use applications include various panels, boats, Frp roof sheet, Automotove parts, bathroom equipment and cooling towers.
About Company:

Shanghai Ruifiber industry Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise with a collection of industrial and trade specializing in the production of glass fiber and relevant products.


The main products of the company as follows: Fiberglassyarn,Fiberglass laid scrim mesh,Fiberglass alkali-resistance mesh,Fiberglass adhesivetape,Fiberglass grinding wheel mesh , Fiberglass electronic base cloth,Fiberglass window screen,Woven roving,Fiberglass chopped strand mat and Construction metal corner tape,Paper tape,etc.


Our production base is located in Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province. Jiangsu base mainly produce Fiberglass grinding wheel mesh,adhesive fiberglass mesh tape,metal corner tape,paper tape etc,Shandong base mainly produces Fiberglass yarn, Fiberglass alkali-resistant mesh ,Fiberglass screens,Chopped strand mat,Woven roving etc.


About 80% products are been exported to foreign market,mainly U.S.,Canada,South America, Middle East and India. Our company has obtained  ISO9001 certificate authenticated by international quality management system and 14001 certificate authenticated by international environmental system. Our products has passed the SGS,BV and other quality inspection by international quality inspection agency of third-party quality inspection.

2woven roving producing



Main Products

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Metal Corner Tape 12_MG_4960_IMG_7438IMG_6153




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Max Li


T: 0086-21-5665 9615

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M: 0086-130 6172 1501

W: www.ruifiber.com

Room No. 511-512, Building 9, 60# West Hulan Road, Baoshan, 200443 Shanghai, China

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