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Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall tape, with lots of advantages such as great alkali resistance and high tensile strength, is an excellent solution for plaster board joining, drywall finishing, and crack repair.

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    Description Of Fiberglass Self Adhesive Tape

    Fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape is a self-adhesive, high tensile strength tape. The special adhesive coating allows drywall tape to outperform other joint sealing methods, particularly in areas of high humidity. Perfect for joints, cracks, and holes on a variety of surfaces including smooth and unevenly coated surfaces. Widely used in gypsum board, cement board, drywall, and EPS joint and reinforcement. We have a market in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asian, and South American Countries. 

    Product Name: Fiberglass self -adhesive mesh tape

    Material&Process: Woven Fiberglass alkali-resistant fabric coated with adhesive acrylic compound,cut fabric into tapes and pack

    Application:Widely used for repairing cracks and joints of drywall ,plaster board and other wall surface


    The construction of the ideal material

    Self-adhesive fiberglass tape Wide:50mm-1240mm Weight:60g/-110g/

    8X8 /inch,9X9/inch 12X12/inch,20X10/inch

    Characteristics Of Fiberglass Self Adhesive Tape

    1. Strong Fiberglass Mesh Strengthens Joints

    2. Mesh Design Eliminates Bubbles and Blisters

    3. Good performance of alkaline-resistance

    4. High tensile strength and deformation-resistance

    5. Excellent self-adhesive performance

    6. Full Assortment of Roll Sizes, Styles, and Colors

    7. For Use With Setting-Type Joint Compounds and Plaster

    8. No need to apply a primer in advance, quick to use and easy to apply


    Evenly and straightly distributed yarn


    Good shrink sealing

    Flat roll and face


    Beautiful appearance


    Item No. Density Count/25mm Finished Weight(g/m2) Tensile Strength *20cm (N/20cm) Woven Structure Content of Resin % (>)
    warp weft warp weft
    B8*8-50 8 8 50 550 450 Leno 28
    B8*8-60 8 8 60 550 500 Leno 28
    B8*8-65 9 9 65 550 550 Leno 28
    B8*8-70 9 9 70 550 600 Leno 28
    B8*8-75 9 9 75 700 700 Leno 28
    B8*8-110 9 9 110 800 800 Leno 30

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