Hot sales Alkaline-resistance Fiberglass Mesh for Interier or External Wall

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Description Of Fiberglass Mesh 

Fiberglass mesh is used in insulation systems as a reinforcing layer external plaster, fiberglass mesh will help prevent it from cracking and the appearance of cracks during usage.

Fiberglass mesh is suitable in reinforcement for all types of plasters, mineral and synthetic. Fiberglass meshes with a lower weight are used in the reinforcement of internal gypsum plaster. Perfectly suited also for external plaster for facades of complicated shapes, such as historic buildings.



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soft/standard/hard mesh

500mm-2400mm 30g/㎡-600g/㎡

Detals Of Fiberglass Mesh 

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Product Name: Hot sales Alkaline-resistance Fiberglass  Mesh for Interier or External Wall

● EIFS and wall reinforcement
● Roof Waterproof

● Stone Reinforcement
● Sticky mesh for EPS or wall corner

Properties : 
● Good alkaline-resistance
● High tensile strength
● Deformation-resistance
● Excellent cohesion, easy application

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Specification Of Fiberglass Mesh

Item No. Density Count/25mm Finished Weight(g/m2) Tensile Strength *20 cm Woven Structure Content of Resin% (>)
warp weft warp weft
A2.5*2.5-110 2.5 2.5 110 1200 1000 Leno/leno 18
A2.5*2.5-125 2.5 2.5 125 1200 1400 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-75 5 5 75 800 800 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-125 5 5 125 1200 1300 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-145 5 5 145 1400 1500 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-160 4 4 160 1550 1650 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-160 5 5 160 1450 1600 Leno/leno 18

Packing and Delivery

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fiberglass package



Company Profile


  Ruifiber is a industry and trade integration business, major in fiberglass products

  We have our own 4 factories,one of which produces our own fiberglass discs and fiberglass woven fabrics for grinding wheel, other 2 make laid scrim,which is a kind of reinforcement materilal,mainly used in pipeline prapping,aluminium foil composite, adhesive tape, paper bags with windows, PE film laminated, Pvc/wooden flooring, carpets, automobile, lightweight

  construction, packaging, building, filter and medical field etc.Other one

  factory manufacture paper joint tape, corner tape, fiberglass adhesive tape,mesh cloth, wall patch etc.

  The factories are seated in Jiangsu province and shangdong province,respectively.Our company is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, only41.7km away from shanghai Pu dong international airport and about 10km away from Shanghai train station.

  Ruifiber is always dedicated to produce consistent products in line with our customers' requirements and we want to be acknowledged for reliability,flexibility, responsivenss,innovative products and services.


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