Good Moldability Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mats are non-woven fabrics consisting of randomly distributed chopped strands held together with a powder or emulsion binder.

Chopped Strand Mat is compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyi ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. The products are most widely used in hand lay-up process and can also be used in filament winding, compression molding and continuous laminating processes. The typical end-use applications include various panels, boats, FRP roof sheet, Automotive parts, bathroom equipment and cooling towers.


  • Good combination of resin
  • Easy air release, Resin consumption
  • Excellent weight uniformity
  • Easy operation
  • Good wet strength retention
  • Excellent transparency of finished products
  • Low cost


  • Most widely used in hand lay-up process  
  • Filament winding
  • Compression molding 


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