Leno woven grinding wheel mesh fabrics

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The cloth is woven by fiberglass yarn which is treated with silane coupling agent.There are plain weave and leno weave,two kind.The cloth exhibits high strength,low extensibility,especially when it is made into grinding wheel discs,resin can be coated with easily,so it is regarded as a basic material of reinforcing grinding wheel.

Also we produce a range of dyeable fiberglass grinding wheel Mesh for making grinding wheels backing.Fiberglass mesh is coated with phenolic aldehyde and improving epoxy resin, and then punched after baking. AS outer circle and inner hole are punched with one-step molding technology, so mesh pieces are same in size, equal in concentricity, and bright in appearance. Grinding wheels made of this reinforcing mesh exhibits good thermal endurance, high strength, light weight and high-speed cutting performance.

The size of the mesh are mostly 5x5 6x6 8x8 10x10 ,which are our conventional products .If you have any requirements,we are dedicated to produce consistent products in line with your requirements.


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