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Introduction Of  Wall Patch

Ruifiber Wall Patch can be used to patch and repair holes on smooth ,textured ,curved or uneven surfaces.The self-adhesive,flexible patch can be easily trimmed and bent for a custom fit.Repair a wide variety of surfaces including :drywall ,plaster and stucoo.


◆ Lightly sand around hole and wipe clean. Remove backing paper from the wall patch.

◆ Apply patching compound to metal side of wall patch and press firmly over hole.

◆ Cover entire patch area with compound, feathering the edges. Let dry, then sand the area. Repeat as necessary.

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Excellent Tensile Strength

Single Piece Pack,Easy Application

Customized Packaged (White or colorful case)

Galvanized or Aluminum,Anti-Corrosion and Rust-Proof

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Specification Of Wall Patch

Base Material

Regular Size

Fiberglass Patch + Aluminum Sheet 2” x 2” (5cm x 5cm)  4” x4” (10cm x 10cm)6” x 6” (15cm x15 cm)  8” x8 “( 20cm x 20cm)
Fiberglass Patch + Iron Sheet

Self-adhesive mesh backing: a drywall wall patch with Repair hole self-adhesive backing that can form a durable drywall patch that sticks to the outside of the hole. The metal patch material means there is no need to use a drywall before completion.

Easy to use: These aluminum wall repair patch can make repairing holes easy without dry wall dust. This is a simple and practical method of invisible repair, saving time and energy, and convenientmaintenance.

Suitable for repairing holes: the mesh cover of the aluminum wire mesh repair wall patch can provide a smooth finish, and the repaired surface will be flat and crack-free, suitable for repairing most damaged surfaces.

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wall patch 9

Packing and Delivery

100/200/500 pieces of wall patch in one carton ,pallet is available.

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