High Strength Fiberglass Grinding Wheel Mesh of Shanghai Ruifiber

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High Strength Fiberglass Grinding Wheel Mesh of Shanghai Ruifiber

grinding wheel mesh

● High Strength, Low Extensibility  

● Coating with Resin Easily, Flat Surface

● High Temperature Resistant 

 Improving of Weaving Technique

Weaving from yarns without twist: Reduce the damage to the capture during the weaving process, so as to better strengthen the glass fiber; from now on, the pursuit of no twist will be a finer combination, which can be the history of the glass fiber disc (according to data analysis), there is Thin or ultra-thin grinding wheels.

grinding wheel mesh machine

New weaving technique: Reduce the damage to the wrapping yarn during the grid connection process, make the tensile strength of the wrapping and filling directions uniform, and better strengthen the glass fiber disc. In addition, new weaving techniques can help reduce the thickness of the product.

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Fiberglass Grinding Wheel Mesh Data Sheet

DL5X5-190 190±5% 5 5 ≥1500 ≥1500 leno
DL5X5-240 240±5% 5 5 ≥1700 ≥1800 leno
DL5X5-260 260±5% 5 5 ≥2200 ≥2200 leno
DL5X5-320 320±5% 5 5 ≥2600 ≥2600 leno
DL6X6-100 100±5% 6 6 ≥800 ≥800 leno
DL6X6-190 190±5% 6 6 ≥1550 ≥1550 leno
DL8X8-125 125±5% 8 8 ≥1000 ≥1000 leno
DL8X8-170 170±5% 8 8 ≥1350 ≥1350 leno
DL8X8-260 260±5% 8 8 ≥2050 ≥2050 leno
DL8X8-320 320±5% 8 8 ≥2550 ≥2550 leno
DL10X10-100 100±5% 10 10 ≥800 ≥800 leno

For LENO DL8x8-260 and DL8x8-320, we are the only supplier in China, if any need, just contact us.

  Woven Rovings

Woven Rovings are compatible with UP, VE, EP and PF resins. Woven Rovings are a weight range of 260g/m2-1600g/m2 and available with a width range of 50mm-3000mm. Our products have both plain and twill weaves. Other specifications are also available on customer request.

End-Use Markets

Marine / Building and Construction / Automotive / Chemistry and Chemical / Electrical and Electronics / Sports and Leisure / Wind Energy


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