Alkali Resistant EIFS Fiberglass Mesh for Wall Covering

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Fiberglass Mesh is embedded into a layer of Basecoat which reinforces and adds strength to the EIFS system, also be used as a backing for carpet, tile, mosaics, and back splashes

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Description Of Fiberglass Mesh 

Alkaline resistance fiberglass mesh is with good alkaline resistance nature, tensile strength and stable structure, so it is widely used roof waterproofing project. It can help prevent cracking and expand waterproofing project life.

Fiberglass mesh can reinforce and protect stones because of its strength and balance structure, it can spread the stress equally. And it is easy to be stuck in the back of marble, mosaic and stone, It is ideal reinforcement for all stone processing factories.

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soft/standard/hard mesh

500mm-2400mm 30g/㎡-600g/㎡

Detals Of Fiberglass Mesh 

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Product Name: reinforcement concrete fiberglass mesh
Material & Process: C-glass or E-glass woven fabric, coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid.

● EIFS and wall reinforcement
● Roof Waterproof

● Stone Reinforcement
● Sticky mesh for EPS or wall corner

Properties : 
● Good alkaline-resistance with stable chemical property
● High tensile strength
● Deformation-resistance
● Excellent cohesion, easy application

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Specification Of Fiberglass Mesh

Item No. Density Count/25mm Finished Weight(g/m2) Tensile Strength *20 cm Woven Structure Content of Resin% (>)
warp weft warp weft
A2.5*2.5-110 2.5 2.5 110 1200 1000 Leno/leno 18
A2.5*2.5-125 2.5 2.5 125 1200 1400 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-75 5 5 75 800 800 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-125 5 5 125 1200 1300 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-145 5 5 145 1400 1500 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-160 4 4 160 1550 1650 Leno/leno 18
A5*5-160 5 5 160 1450 1600 Leno/leno 18

Packing and Delivery

Each fiberglass mesh is wrapped up in plastic film and then packed in a cardboard box.The carton are stacked horizontally or vertically onto pallets .All pallets are stretch wrapped and strapped to maintain stability during transport.

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